Why reading a book may be the best thing for you

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I can’t tell when it was that I began reading, but I do remember that it was when I was quite young.

And I’ve written so many,many times about why we need to return to reading, here, here and here and possibly a lot more across that blog too.

But the book I read last night truly, deeply reminded me of what being a reader meant, before the emergence of social media. (Follow the author here on Twitter, Anne Bogel)

It also showed me that books don’t change; we do. Our approach to a book and what it can do for us, upon a re-read is infinite and limitless.

Reading is the one thing that kept me anchored as a child and a teen. I had very few friends to speak of and this never bothered me, because I always had my books.

And how a book connects people: it’s amazing! I quickly posted a picture of the book I was reading yesterday to my Whatsapp stories/status and instantly had 3 close friends text me to say that they loved the book too!

That’s what reading does: it brings readers together.

That reminder came to me in stark clarity last night when I read a sly tweet which referenced me.

It rattled me so much that I went ahead and deleted a post of mine on Facebook, even though the sole intention of that post was to encourage more people to think about a particular habit with the right mindset.

That’s the thing about social media; you learn about yourself in ways that you never would have, before the internet came along.

I am pretty sure that people would speak about me behind my back even as a child and a young adult; but the difference was I never knew about it and could care even less.


A book was always around. A book always offered me an escape into a world free of judgement, scorn or disdain. It was my private Paradise and I was always welcome there.

If anything, this has reminded me yet again that I must do two things:

A) Stick to reading and writing the way I have in the last two weeks

B) Reduce my presence on social media even further

*Can my business succeed without an overly active social media presence? I am not very sure, but Cal Newport assures me that it can. It’s time to put it to the test.

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