The Unexpected Benefit of Caring for One’s Body

The holistic approach that made all the difference

Photo by Chris Jarvis on Unsplash

To heal on the outside, we need to start from within

Reducing Stress

Befriending Sleep

Sleep deprivation can lead to hormone imbalance, and the imbalance of these hormones can lead to more sleep deprivation. It’s a vicious cycle. But with a better understanding of how your body communicates and functions is key to making necessary changes for quality sleep.

-Sleep Centre

Un-processing My Diet

When you start eating differently, your microbiome will start changing within two to three days. Getting five different vegetables into your diet every single day will accelerate the process of optimizing your microbiome. To enhance the benefits even further, try to make these vegetables as many different colors as you can. This means it’s much more likely that you will encourage the growth of more beneficial bacteria as well as getting maximum gut-bug diversity. But that’s not the only benefit.”

Rangan Chatterjee, How to Make Disease Disappear

Exercising More Regularly

It started healing me from within

Pictures of my skin using no filters on my phone camera (L: July 2020; R: April 2022)



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