Pause — #FlashFiction

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It happens before you realize it.

Without a sign of a warning.

You wake up, like any other day. You brush your teeth, shower, breakfast and wear your shoes. The comfortable ones you bought last year because they were on sale.

Comfort. That defined everything about the shoes. And the relationship too.

You stare at the front door. The one she went through.

Just like that.

Without an explanation. Without looking back.

Eleven years together and she was gone in under eleven seconds.

And you want to scream in agony but the pain doesn’t come at one go. It comes in fits and starts and makes you feel sick to your stomach.

And you look at the bouquet in your hand, the one filled with red roses and pink carnations, her favourite flowers, and you sigh. A deep, gut wrenching sigh.

And you don’t want to pause.

You want to rewind to that moment when you first laid eyes on her and felt a butterfly thud against the walls of your heart.

Instead you stand and blink at the last memory you have: of her coffin leaving the home. Your home.

Just like that.

*Flash Fiction/ Day 8 of writing Daily in 2018

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