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The year stretches out before me, taut, tight, like a canvas bent over an easel.

There are no blemishes and no scars. The purity of the sheet thrills me with its endless possibilities. A part of me asks that I seize the moment, do everything possible to wring the most out of each second, since life is precious.

Another part whispers in my ear, asking me to calm down, take it slow. Yes, each moment matters but not so much that you should seize it, but savour it. Each moment is a gift, an option to cherish, love and enjoy for its own sake.

In life, as in the year, we will have a choice. We can choose to seize life as it comes and live each moment fully or just let ourselves be carried along in the beauty of the moment, allowing it to infuse itself into our being.

The true beauty? There is no guarantee that this moment is the one you’ve been waiting for. That just happens.

Silently, effortlessly and artistically, the way the vivid brush of colour spreads its first colour on the white canvas.

-Day 1 of writing daily, 2018. Like this post? Give it a clap :)

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