If we’re all busy writing, who’s reading?

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Ah, the age old conundrum.

Should you write more or read more?

How about both?

But the fact is that there is so much content out there that we are in danger of over saturating our brains with information. This can be entertaining, informative, educational — doesn’t matter.

There is a lot of writing already in the world.

So, should you stop writing?

No. And here’s why.

Because writing is a creative process. When you write, you are making something. Your brain is at work, crafting words and sentences and plots and characters and a storyline.

When you read, you are in consumption mode. You read, process ideas, imbibe them and perhaps learn from them.

And when you write, what you’ve read influences every word that you put down for other people to read.

Think about it.

Perhaps what is needed is not sacrificing one in favour of the other but to delicately walk a balance between the two, letting one gently brush against the other, like two people walking on a beautiful bridge.

Which do you prefer? To read or to write?

Day 9 of writing (and reading) daily in 2018 ☺

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