How to write a blog post that people will read

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We all want to write for an audience. That’s why we write online.

It’s why we create blog posts, articles, social media updates, tweets and much more.

But how do you actually get readers to your content?

After blogging for nearly 13 years of which 7 have been focused towards understanding my audience, here are some tips I can share:

  1. Write from your heart

This is true of every piece of content, whether it’s on your blog, your e-mail newsletter, your social media status updates or even a step-by-step tutorial.

When you write from a place of emotion, it comes through in the writing.

2. Make the reader care

Every time you write a post, think about the reader. A lovely editor for one of my earliest work-shopped pieces told me this.

“You’ve written about your journey/a personal anecdote. While it’s very well written, why should I care? What’s in it for me?”

If there is nothing in the post that I can connect with as a reader, chances are I am going to stop reading halfway.

3. When writing online, keep readability in mind

A lot of us (people who grew up in the 80s, 90s and the early 2000s) are familiar with writing on paper and reading from paperbacks.

But writing online is a different beast. You have to keep font size and paragraph length in mind.

This isn’t the same as, say, writing tweets.

Let the flow be natural and non-obstrusive and easy to access on a digital screen.

4. Promote it on the right channels

It’s all very ideal to write the most incredible pieces and then wonder why nobody is reading your content.

In a world of content and information explosion it comes down to how much effort you’re willing to put in, to get that content seen.

Start by figuring out where your target audience is active, especially on social media,and share your work there.

*These social media marketing tips may help you get started.

5. Connect and engage with your readers

A writer also has to be social. If someone reads, appreciates or shares your content, acknowledge that openly and readily.

Pay it forward by reading content in your niche and supporting other people who deserve to have their writing seen.

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