Give it time — #FlashFiction

She could feel her nails digging into her palms but she didn’t stop.

She’d make the pain obliterate the one in her heart. She wasn’t going to take this any more.

Unable to sit still, she pushed her chair back and strode up and down the room. Tapping her foot she turned around, whipped out her phone and opened Facebook for the fiftieth time.

She ignored the voice in her head and searched for his name. Her heart beating so loudly she could hear it in the room, she opened his profile and saw him staring back at her from his profile picture.

And he wasn’t alone. His arm was flung adorably around her. That homewrecker!

Why couldn’t it have been her instead? She looked at her palms, the nails having left their impression on them.

Large tear drops rolled out and splashed on the phone’s screen. She didn’t wipe them away.

Eight years. Her best years and she’d given them to him and he’d just turned around and left, taking everything that mattered- her heart, her feelings, her love.

She would never forgive him. Not until she died. Maybe then he’d feel remorse, she thought spitefully.

“You have to let it go.”

Startled, she looked up and guiltily tried to hide the screen. He smiled.

“It’s done. You have to move on. He’s with someone else now. And you will get over it. Maybe not today or tomorrow. Maybe not next week or next month. But it will happen.

In the meanwhile, I’m here. You’re with me now.”

Sighing, she took his warm embrace and wrapped herself in it. She didn’t deserve him and yet she knew there was nobody else she’d rather be with, today.

Later that night, she opened the phone again. Scrolling down she found his profile and hit ‘Unfriend’.

It was time.

Day 10 of writing Daily.

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