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I was planning to write a completely different post for today.

It was to do with friendships online, the good, the bad and the not-so-pretty. It was going to be a treatise (just kidding) on the art of friendship.

Instead, something happened. We watched a movie at home with the family. A fun, entertaining, crazy movie called the ‘Lego Batman Movie.’ And we loved it!

Two hours of complete and utter craziness with just laughter echoing off the walls. No interruptions, no phone calls and no internet. It was the best way to unwind on a Friday evening.

As the end credits rolled, it came to me that this is one of the best things about family: Doing things together. We fight, we make up. We cry, we patch up. We laugh, we hug, we watch movies that make our sides hurt.

What else in life can offer you that kind of enduring happiness?

A life online? Doesn’t even come close.

As much as I refrain from offering advice these days, here’s something you can use: Let go of petty disputes. Let go of the anger you feel towards people. It serves no purpose. None. Life isn’t a contest. It’s a collaboration.

You have your loved ones around you. Cherish them. Be with them.

Be kind.

Be grateful.


Day 26 of daily writing

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