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I get one of these almost every week. It happens at the most unexpected times.

Just five minutes before writing this piece, I read this one on how if you stop thinking about exercise as a way to lose weight, you’d actually enjoy it.

The premise is simple: Do it because you enjoy it. Anything else, including weight loss, is a bonus.

It’s why experts recommend doing something you are good at as well as inherently love doing.

That principle can apply to pretty much anything. For example, writing. Or blogging.

I write here, everyday, on Medium, because I enjoy it. Claps or comments are absolute bonuses. Since I don’t have a large following, there is no danger of my being sidetracked by notifications in that green bell icon on the top right.

Similarly, I blog because it thrills me. Ever since I began blogging, the very act of putting a post together, watching it take shape, take form is something that stirs something deep within me. As much as I love comments, likes and shares, today, I can honestly say that I would continue to blog even if I had none of those things.

It’s not like I have reached blogging nirvana, but I do believe I’ve reached a stage in my life when none of these things actually matter in the larger scheme of things. Scorn and disdain from others roll off my back. So does being ignored. Is it the wisdom that comes from entering a new decade? Or is it the comfort that comes from knowing I am exactly where I need to be?

I blog today. I may die tomorrow. I can’t carry my likes and shares with me. I can’t carry anything with me.

But, while I am here, if I blog/write with the complete and absolute enjoyment of the process, then surely, that’s worth doing.

For its own sake.

Day 37 of Daily Writing

Blog & Social Media Coach: Teaching you to grow your organic audience. Writer, Podcast fan, Bibliophile, Singer.

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