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Do you enjoy your job? Or is it something you can’t wait to get away from?

I’ve read a lot about finding your passion, pursuing your dreams, doing that exact thing that you’ve always wanted to do.

Here’s the trouble with that: You have NO idea what you love doing until you’ve done it for a reasonable amount of time.

Every new job will be fascinating at first. The novelty keeps you going, the learning keeps you excited, the new faces, the new lessons, they all come together to keep you happy.

For a while.

Then, once that shiny new feeling dissipates (say 6 months down the line) you find yourself questioning if this is the right job for you. And you ponder jumping ship, dabbling in something else and starting the ‘new job’ cycle all over again.

First, stick with the job or task for longer than 6 months. Understand that every job has a honeymoon period. You won’t be smiling widely at your colleagues every single day after 6 months. (Unless that is in your job description, of course)

Next, find ways to keep learning something new even in a job where you think you know everything. Make it more engaging, more interesting. Find your need to keep going.

Third, approach the job with the willingness to take feedback. Understand that people have been doing this for a while and when they criticise something, it’s not you they’re finding fault with: it’s the task. Make that distinction clear where it matters: in your head.

Fourth, set your own self as a benchmark. Have you improved, as a person and a professional, from six months ago? Do you have valuable measurable insights that will tell you this? Study them and see where you stand.

If none of the above four steps are helping you get out of bed in the morning, it’s time to look for another job. Staying in this one is not just hurting you, but the organisation too.

Take the chance.

Make the right choice.

Sometimes, it’s all about perseverance, grit and working hard.

Other times, it’s just time to walk out the revolving door and not look back.

Day 32 of Daily Writing in 2018

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