Day 13 of daily writing. It’s become a pleasant habit to write here daily.

Once you get past the difficulty of actually writing the words, it comes easily.

Most online pieces these days work better if you have a visual cue. They reel in the reader and act as a hook.

But what if we wrote without pictures? Would our words be enough to paint a picture bright enough for the reader?

For instance, how can I make the mundane interesting? How can I engage a reader without using visual cues? Take a situation like sitting on a couch, which is what I’m doing right now.

I’m languishing, actually. My limbs are relaxed, my fingers are swiping across the screen of my smartphone as I type this out on my Medium app. My brow is furrowed as I ponder what my next words should be. My lips are lifted to one side as I wonder if this word works best.

There is a slight hint of irritation on my face as I try to focus on the writing in the midst of incessant chatter in the home. I admit, wearily, that writing is best done when you are alone. My feet twitch as I come up with an idea. That’s strange. I’ve never noticed it before!

A smile lifts the corners of my mouth as I get an idea for a post. That’s how ideas come to me, in the middle of writing something else.

I scan the post quickly, looking for typos, errors, dangling modifiers and am satisfied that it meets my standards.

After a brief pause that lasts about seven seconds, I take a deep breath and hit ‘Publish’.

Now it’s up to the reader.

Blog & Social Media Coach: Teaching you to grow your organic audience. Writer, Podcast fan, Bibliophile, Singer.

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