Broken — #FlashFiction

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She thought she was immune to it.

So when it did happen it hit her hard. Quietly, without waking anyone else up, she picked up the pieces.

She didn’t know how to fit them back together. They weren’t broken evenly, the shards. They criss-crossed and zig-zagged in patterns that she didn’t understand.

Silently, she sat at the head of the bed, looking down at the couple, each with their back turned to the other, the chill in the room magnified by their distance from one another.

Blinking hard, she tried to keep the tears from coming, but a few fell and caught the edge of her gown while another lifted gently and settled on her wings.

Love was supposed to be easy. That’s why she’d asked to be Cupid’s intern.

She certainly had a lot to learn.

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Day 15 of daily writing, 2018

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