A vision for 2018

I’m not new to Medium. I’ve been on it for a long time, but more as a consumer of content, instead of a creator.

I’ve been fascinated by the pieces I’ve read here. They’ve ranged from the humorous to the heartwarming and from the thoughtful to the insightful.

And that’s the beauty of the medium. Pun intended.

As 2018 dawns, I am seized by this desire to write every single day. I know that if I do this on either of my blogs, I risk losing readers. Let’s face it. People rarely want to read daily posts these days.

But writing by itself is a gorgeous exercise. It hones your skill, keeps you alert and more importantly clued in to the writing process for and of itself.

So I’ve decided I will do it here.

A post every single day. It may be just 100 words or it may be 1000 words. It will be fiction, non fiction, poetry, reflective essays, parenting and a potpourri of everything.

Here’s seeing how long I’ll last.

If you are keen, why don’t you join in and write daily too?

And if you really like my work, maybe give it a clap. Now that would make my day.


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See you in 2018. I mean, see you tomorrow.

Blog & Social Media Coach: Teaching you to grow your organic audience. Writer, Podcast fan, Bibliophile, Singer. www.shailajav.com

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