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I’ve written on Medium every single day this month.

I’ve enjoyed it to the hilt. Since Medium needs people to be logged in/ have a Medium account to clap/comment, this has meant that very few people actually responded to my posts.

As a writer, this should concern me, but it doesn’t. After years, I am finally back to writing for the love of it. Stats don’t matter anymore. Some days the words flow effortlessly;other days are harder. But with each day, writing itself becomes easier.

On blogs, there are two kinds of people who comment: Fellow bloggers and other readers.

The first fall into the two categories: Genuine comments and the ones left with an intention to receive a return visit.

I have no objection to either type, mind you. I even know why the latter do it. They’re green around the gills. I appreciate the ones who comment. That’s it.

But here, on medium, no such compulsion exists. I am not expected to return any visits. People read me if they find me. There simply is no other way to feature prominently here.

And I love it. I love being unknown in this universe. It gives me the freedom to write the way I want.

With it, I hope to work up the courage to finally finish work on my memoir by this year’s end.

If I do that, I’d say the ‘Medium’ has served its purpose: Of turning me into a writer.

Day 31 of Daily Writing

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