A day with LOTS of writing

I realise it’s pretty late on Day 14 and I was trying to figure out what I could put down here to qualify for the daily writing goal.

That’s when I realised that I’d spent over 5 hours today putting together my latest blog post. It’s 1400 words long, filled with content, images and links useful for bloggers and took me the better part of an evening to finish.

And I am damn proud of it too!

That’s when I understood that my writing is writing- be it on the blog or here. I enjoy writing these posts- the instructional ones- as much as I like writing fiction or personal essays.

So that should count for my daily quota of writing.

If you’re keen, here’s a link to the post: Tailwind Tips for Bloggers

And hey, guys. If you’re writing on your blog or writing here, trust me. It’s writing.

Enjoy it. That’s what matters.


Day 14 of Daily writing

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