A cup of tea- #FlashFiction

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‘Yes, please. I like mine. . .’

‘Say no more. I’ll make you the best tea you’ve ever tasted.’

Smiling, she settled back on the couch, surveying the house she’d walked into.She had a good feeling about this one.

He was kind, sympathetic and wore a pleasant after shave. God, that would have been a deal breaker!

And he made tea! Now isn’t that what every girl looks for in a guy? Well, not every girl.

As her thoughts meandered, he cleared his throat and held out a cup of the steaming beverage.

She took one sip, closed her eyes and tilted her head back.

Oh yes. Now that’s how you make tea.

Opening her eyes, she looked at him and said, ‘You’re hired. Nana will love you. Start tomorrow?’

Grinning widely, he replied, ‘I look forward to it. So every day 9 am to noon? ‘

‘Perfect.That’s all the help she needs at the moment anyway.’

They shook hands. Just before leaving she commented, ‘I’m glad the hospice recommended you. You have a way about you that the elderly would appreciate.’


*Flash Fiction / Day 6 of writing Daily in 2018

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