• Authentic audience growth
  • Gentle productivity for women business owners
  • How to create content that connects with people
  • Practical SEO & heart-based email marketing without opt-ins, lead magnets or freebies

Without this, you’ll find it very difficult to truly change

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Stumbling blocks on the road to change

Learn to fall in love with the platform

And why it’s better for you

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Don’t believe it if people tell you otherwise

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One that doesn’t rely on changes or updates to the algorithm

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How you can learn to move through different stages of growth

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  • Stage 1: Overwhelm
  • Stage 2: Observation

It’s absolutely imperative in business

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It was the right decision

Sometimes, you just need to take the risk

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Shailaja V

For creators; by a creator. I teach people how to write consistently, build deep connections & be intentional with their time. More here: www.shailajav.com/

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